Here's the skinny on the latest lightbar (3.0) It uses 30 groups of 3 LEDs for a total of 90 LEDs.

I hope the photos help give a better idea on what to expect when you pull the covers off the rig.

Jose, EB5AGV, suggested an external circuit in order to simplify the dimming function. It was a great idea and I took the liberty to put his callsign on the board design. He deserves the all the credit on that one.

Here's a shot with the front panel tilted down showing the external dimmer board. It neatly fits where the CLF inverter was once mounted.

The orange/green/white wires above the connector are for a remotely mounted pot. In this case the pot is located under the top panel access cover of the MKV.

Click here for information on which cables to disconnect from the front panel to prepare for shipping.

Click here to view latest installation info. Note: Contains some older references regarding display board modifications and V2.0 lightbar mounting methods .

Click here for current pricing information.

Below is a view of the preferred lightbar mounting method using the original CFL lamp rubber mounts.

Finally a view of the lightbar before mounting operating at a low intensity.